Hall of Fame - Niso Fumagalli

Turning back to the Serrone we encounter two important flower beds. One is dedicated to the roses that have been recognized as the Favorite Roses in the World. The World Federation of Rose Associations, of which A.I.R. was among the first members, meets every four years in conventions in various parts of the world, for conferences and debates on the world of roses.

On those occasions, the roses that have received the highest number of votes given by the members of the 40 world associations enter the "Rose Hall of Fame" and "Old Rose Hall of Fame".

In this flowerbed we have all the modern roses which, starting from the first World Rose Convention in 1976, have boasted the recognition of Rose Favorite in the World by entering the Hall of Fame.

One of these is “Just Joey”, bred in 1972 from Cants of Colchester (GB), a classic HT with stiff and vigorous branches, triangular buds, double cupped orange-apricot flowers with an intense scent, favorite of 1994.

Among the best known is “Peace”, the most cultivated and famous rose in the world with a fascinating history. It was created by Meilland in the years just before the Second World War. Foreseeing the invasion of France, Meilland sent cuttings of this rose to Italy, Turkey, Germany and the United States. For this reason the rose was baptized in different ways according to the nation: in Italy Gioia, in Germany Gloria Dei, while in France it was dedicated to Madame A. Meilland. In 1945 the name Peace was officially adopted and this rose was given to the delegates of the first official meeting of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945. The color of this rose is a combination of yellow and crimson, very variable depending on the climate and the age of the flower, which is very large and double with a sweet and fruity scent.

Another very famous rose is “Queen Elizabeth”, widespread in gardens all over the world. It dates back to 1954 and was dedicated to the young Queen Elizabeth who was crowned in 1953. It is a very vigorous HT, with beautiful dark green leaves and large flowers of an intense pink without nuances.


We close our path with the "Niso Fumagalli" white rose bed, hybridized by Beatrice Barni and Anna Medici Barni in 2005, a floribunda with large double white flowers and a delicate scent, a tribute to the founder of the rose garden by two women from an important Italian family of rose breeders.